The Land Trust has announced that building a footbridge over Hog Brook at Lamson Park on Tripps Pond will be its top project for 2024. In addition to the installation of a bridge, the organization plans to upgrade the trails around the pond, making them accessible for all residents to walk the 2,150-foot perimeter.

This project is part of the organization’s ongoing efforts to upgrade open space and increase recreational use in Hudson’s neighborhoods. It follows the successful installation of the pollinator garden at Lamson Park in the Spring of 2023.

The Tripps Pond and Lamson Park area has undergone various changes in its use over the last 40 years. It is currently used as a recreational area for people to sit or walk the two trails. Visitors also use the pond to fish and ice skate when it is frozen. The two trails are split by Hog Brook at the north end of the pond.

The park is owned by the Town of Hudson under the jurisdiction of the Park Commission. HLT met in December with the town’s Park Commission and Recreation Department to outline the plans. The organization is hoping to win approval before proceeding. The commission granted an initial go-head with the condition to oversee final plans.

Fundraising by the HLT will be the first phase of the 2024 improvements. This will allow the organization to proceed with the permitting and design and organize civic engagement to build an accessible footbridge.

The plan is to connect the trail by building a footbridge over the brook with minimum impact to the environment. The bridge will close the approximately 40-foot gap in the trail at the north end of the pond.

The second phase will be upgrading the Green Street shore trail to meet accessibility standards. This will be accomplished by creating a walkway connected to the Green Street parking area, River Street sidewalk, and the footbridge. In a third phase, the HLT will work to upgrade the Maple Street path for better access and make it accessible.

The process will require following the Conservation Commission’s wetland protection conditions and obtaining Park Commission design approval. Fundraising from residents, businesses and grants will also be required.

To become a member of the Lamson Park on Tripps Pond Conservancy please click the link to join or make a donation. All of the tax-deductible membership fees and donations will go to the design, permitting, materials and labor for the continued management of the park. Members of the Conservancy will be members of the HLT nonprofit corporation.