Working with the Conservation Commission and the Recreation Department, the Land Trust has created a pollinator garden at Tripps Pond. Follow the progress of the garden here.

Here’s how we did it:

Hudson Town Beach at Tripps Pond
The site that we chose is within the foundations of the bath houses/warming houses that were on the site when Tripps Pond served as the Town Beach in the Summer and the skating/hockey rink in the Winter. This picture shows the town beach with the bath houses in the background. Note that the poles in the pond (on the far left in the photo) were there to hold the lights used for night skating in the winter.

Clockwise from the top left:

Bathhouse foundations looking toward Tripps Pond in the winter,

A view of the overgrown plantings in early May 2023;

Clearing the site and bringing in new topsoil, and

The site prior to planting.

We planted more than 200 native pollinators on the site on June 24, 2023. Here’s a list of the varieties that we planted. These plants should provide pollen and nectar for butterflies and bees from early Spring until Autumn frosts.