We have packets of native plant seeds available. Email us at contact@hudsonlandtrust.org and we will arrange to get the seeds to you. Many of the seeds do best when planted in late Fall or early Winter, before the ground completely freezes over.
October 25, 2023:   Four months from our initial planting, and the garden is nearing the end of the growing season. A few plants are still in bloom, and many plants are storing nutrients to help them winter over. There are a lot of leaves and plant litter in the beds which we will leave until the garden reawakens in March and April.

August 28, 2023:   After just over two months from our initial planting, the garden is thriving. The frequent Summer rains, along with the application of two inches of mulch, and some occasional weeding, have helped all of the plants take root. Many are blooming and attracting bees.